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Overview of Service

Personalized Tasks
We will quickly become familiar with your home. This will allow time for an extra
job that you may have for me to do, such as wiping out the refrigerator, polishing
kitchen cabinets or washing baseboards. This is generally any small job that might
take 10 or 15 minutes or a larger job divided up.

Personalized Time
Our goal is to fully suit your specific needs. This leaves you the option of
scheduling a desired amount of time for your home, while providing a list of
priorities. Your cleaner would simply follow your prioritized list, completing
as much as your alloted time allows.

Personalized Cleaner
We arrange a cleaner based on your specific scheduling and cleaning needs. After
providing us with information on your availability and specific cleaning requests,
we will arrange a cleaner that best suits you. If at any time you are dissatisfied
with your cleaner, we will arrange another cleaner as specified in our
Satisfaction Policy.

Personalized Supplies
The use of your own cleaning supplies and equipment allows us to further cater to
your needs, while preventing the transfer of insects between homes. This allows you
to choose the products that meet your standards.

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