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General Cleaning List
General Cleaning List
We are willing to work with your particular needs, so keep in mind that this list is general and can be changed as time goes on.

  • We change beds: If and when you would like any beds changed, please leave clean linens out so they can be changed.
  • We dust: We dust everything throughout your home including windowsills, pictures, knickknacks, all the furniture… Everything!!!
  • We vacuum: Your home will be thoroughly vacuumed, including rooms, rugs, under the cushions of the couch and more. Light objects will be moved and heavy objects will be vacuumed under as best as possible.
  • We clean bathrooms: We ensure that your floors, counters, sinks, mirrors, toilets, showers are clean and sparkling.
  • We clean kitchens: We clean, countertops, table tops, and wipe all the appliances. I would also wash your kitchen floor, foyer floor and bathroom floors.
  • We mop: Watch your step! We don’t want you to slip on your clean, shiny floors!
  • We perform miscellaneous jobs: In each room, we will empty trash, clean mirrors, wipe away fingerprints and keep a look out for cobwebs.
  • We also perform personalized tasks!!

    All tasks will be performed using your supplies and equipment, which ensures clean supplies tailored to your home’s specific needs.  Click next to learn about how to further customize your service!