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Thank you for your online inquiry.

Based on your information, I would give you an estimate of about


to clean your home. This is because I’m assuming it would take me approximately

2 1/2 hours to clean your home.

This is based on a fee schedule of $35.00 for each of the first 2 hours and $26.00 for each additional hour. Hourly fees are broken down into half hour increments.

We send one person in to clean your home and, generally, the
same person comes in all the time. The first time that
we come in, we always charge a flat rate of $35.00 per hour so that I can
prepare your home to continue
cleaning on a regular basis. Please note that this visit
generally takes additional time.

This estimate is based on a 4 visit minimum and a 2.5 hour minimum for each visit. Thursday, Friday, monthly, and 1x cleanings are slightly more.

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