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In 1978, Cathy Mudd founded Cathy’s Cleaning Service as a small individual cleaning service. For 39 years, we have been dedicated to quality, personal and professional service at reasonable prices. We maintained by creating a unique approach to home cleaning which has been reflected in other services across the United States.

Many people are turned off to the idea of cleaning services because of high prices, inconvenient scheduling and large groups of strangers invading your home. At the same time, a quality personal cleaner is becoming harder to come across. With our service, We arrange a personalized cleaner for you and the same person comes in to clean every time! Not only does it build a trusting relationship, it also ensures that you will have someone that fits your scheduling needs. If at any time you are not satisfied with this individual, a new cleaner will be arranged as soon as possible.

We bill based on the time it takes to clean your home, which is the most relevant criterion. This way, you know that you are being billed fairly. Also, this makes for a very flexible cleaning visit. You can request a specific time allotment which you feel is sufficient for your home or you can choose small tasks to be completed during your visit.

Your personalized cleaner may perform your personalized tasks using your own preferred supplies and equipment. In the event that supplies and vacuum are not available, we gladly can provide them for you at an additional minimal cost.

Feel free to contact and connect with us for more information and for a free estimate. Hope to be of service to you soon.